The true sense of the Fort Collins Kiwanis Club can only be realized through active participation in our club’s many and varied activities. Only through each member’s individual dedication and self-expression can you achieve your community commitment to serve the needs of others.

We welcome and invite any interested community members to attend a meeting, volunteer or fundraise with us.

Meeting Info

We meet the 1st Tuesday at Ryans Grill from 12 – 1:00 p.m. and the 3rd Tuesday at the Island Grill at 5:15 p.m. Enjoying a meal is optional, but should cost between $10 and $12.

Club Dues

~$13/month or $40/quarter

Our Club

President: Dave Freismuth
Treasurer: Jackie Signorelli
Secretary: Pat Arcila
Past President: Doug Braden

Board of Directors (at-large):
Jared Reimer
Brian Boyes

Patricia Arcila
Brian Boyes
Douglas Braden
Darin Duncan
Jen Diehl
Ray Kepler
Aaron McCambridge
Jason Odstrcil
Jared Reimer
Jackie Signorelli
Sandra Squires

Active Membership

These members:

  • have full rights and privileges within the club
  • can serve on the Board of Directors
  • can hold an office
  • would pay full dues
  • can perform service!

Honorary Membership

These members:

  • are a part of the club
  • pay no dues
  • cannot hold office
  • can serve on committees
  • can perform service!